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sophie paris membership FAQ

Apabila menjadi ahli, anda akan dapat beg magenta yang berisi seperti dibawah.

Once I am a Member, can I sign up again with a different sponsor?You can only change you sponsor within the month you sign up as a Member under the conditions that no purchase and no sponsoring had been done since the sign up date. A Direct Sponsor Change Requisition Form must be submitted by the Member.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you have the option to have your Membership terminated by submitting a Membership Termination Application Form and to sign up as a new member. Nevertheless you will no longer be entitled to the payment of bonus and rewards based the sales of the network you have developed before your termination.

How do I renew my Membership?
You do not need to renew your membership. SOPHIE PARIS Members enjoy lifetime membership.

How can I have my bonus paid?
The Member must provide a copy of his / her Malaysian bank passbook or a copy of Malaysian bank account details if the Member intends to have the bonus be paid via bank transfer. If the Member does not provide such documents (or if the information provided is not accurate), bonus will be credited the Member's account as Member's credit and can be used by Member's as a method of payment for future purchases.

When will my bonus be paid?
Bonus earned bases on sales generated during a given month will be submitted to our bank no later than the 7th day of the following month. Normal banking time frames of about 2 to 3 working days will apply before the commissions will be available in your account. Holidays and weekends may cause delays in the payments being credited to the account.

What should I do when I still do not receive my bonus after the prescribed time frame mentioned above?
Please call and speak to our Call Center team or visit our Service Center team at our Flagship Store.

How will the company contact me if I change my email address and I forget to contact the company?
If the company does not have accurate contact information, the company will not be responsible for an inability to reach the Member due to incorrect personal information.

If I am already a Member, can my husband or my wife sign up as a Member as well?
SOPHIE PARIS does not impose any restriction on this matter. Nevertheless for the purpose of bonus payout optimization, it is recommended to have a single membership by couple.

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